These photographs are all taken by John Cornelius (a founder member) and show the development of the South West Main Line Steam Company (now t/a Yeovil Railway Centre) from its beginning in 1994.

The Water Tank at the derelict Morland's factory site just outside Glastonbury was taken down, transported to Yeovil Junction, refurbished, reduced in size and later re-erected.

13 July 1994

A youthful John Miller, another founding member. Did he realise what he was letting himself in for?

18 July 1994
The steps to the inspection pit have been repaired.

17 September 1994
The derelict dock, originally built to facilitate transfer of goods between Broad and Narrow (Standard) gauge is demolished. The extant Transfer Shed was also erected for this purpose.

16 October 1994

27 November 1994
With no undercover shelter, a start is made on refurbishing the water tank panels.