These photographs are all taken by John Cornelius (a founder member) and show the development of the South West Main Line Steam Company (now t/a Yeovil Railway Centre) from its beginning in 1994.

Seen in the upside yard (sidings removed July 2008 and now part of the enlarged car park)

12 March 1995
Water tank panels are set out on the infamous piles of sleepers where they would remain for many months!!

02 June 1995
Scrub clearance has been made on the Clifton Maybank branch.

18 June 1995
A floodlight had been erected by British Rail to aid the running round of stone trains from Merehead during a period of diversion. This was now in the way of necessary trackworks. A farewell visit is made to the top!!

28 June 1995

25 June 1995
The Clifton Maybank branch had been changed many years ago to form a connection with the down sidings. As SWMLSCo had to be separated the Branch had to be slewed back to its original alignment, running into the back of Platform 3.

28 June 1995

29 June 1995
Sleepers and fittings laid to replace the removed pointwork.

29 June 1995
Rails now positioned

29 June 1995
Slewing the branch.

07 July 1995
View from the bufferstops.

7 July 1995
Note the lack of fencing! The abutments of the old bridge taking the Clifton Maybank branch under the Waterloo-Exeter line are clearly visible. The bridge had been filled in many years ago.

30 July 1995

17 September 1995

17 September 1995
A start has been made in erecting a wooden fence on the west end of the platform, dividing the ramp in half.

28 October 1995

15 November 1995
A gate has now been erected across one of the access points to the main railway although other fencing is not yet in place.

17 November 1995

17 November 1995

19 November 1995

16 December 1995
Santa Specials.