These photographs are all taken by John Cornelius (a founder member) and show the development of the South West Main Line Steam Company (now t/a Yeovil Railway Centre) from its beginning in 1994.

07 March 1996

07 March 1996

30 March 1996
The Wilderness area has provided many reusable second hand sleepers and fittings over the years which were deposited during the singling of the Salisbury-Exeter line in the late 1960s.

30 March 1996
Cliff face has been cleared.

06 May 1996

13 May 1996
After taking out a dip the last part of left hand rail of Clifton Maybank siding awaiting lifting and packing

13 May 1996
'Pectin' over the pit.

14 May 1996
First layer of tank sides with braces bolted to base.

16 June 1996

25 August 1996

25 August 1996

01 September 1996
New loop is beginning to take shape.

8 September 1996

22 September 1996
The yard scene from top of water bowser.

10 November 1996
East end boundary complete (completed 11 July 1996)

13 November 1996
East end paling fence completed.

16 November 1996
Part of a down siding at Gillingham (Dorset) was shortened to allow for a new radio mast to be erected. Volunteers removed the rails for re-use at Yeovil