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1 January 2021 to 27 March 2021 - during the early 2021 lockdown, items (Updated 27 March 2021) of general interest were posted below (section 1 January 2021 to 27 March 2021) (CLICK HERE) whilst photos etc relating to the Centre and the locality follow immediately below this message.

(Updated 14/04/22) Funds raised to date £18294 against cost £25000 - thanks to everyone who has contributed! If you haven't already please consider doing so - a Standing Order can be arranged if that's easier!)

21/12/21 - Coach named 'Shirley W'.
02/12/21 - Santa Specials 2021.Visitor's Book comments added 24/01/22.
26/10/21 - 26 and 27 October Halloween 2021.
19/09/21 - Return of Marshall for the final Steam Train Day for 2021 proves very popular.
12/09/21 - Model Railway Collectors Swap Meet returns - more planned for 2022
05/09/21 - Model Railway weekend.
31/08/21 - Freightliner route learning and line up of stock.
26/08/21 - Peckett 'Pectin' is lit up after its 10 yearly overhaul
18/08/21 - Main Line Steam - 35028 Clan LineAnother photo 02/09/21
01/08/21 - Trains and Tractors 2021.
26/07/21 - Floods at Yeovil Pen Mill
09/07/21 - Main Line Steam - 35018 British India Line
27/06/21 - Train Days More photos 13/07/21
25/05/21 - Some other activities at the Centre. More photos 01/07/21
25/05/21 - Resurfacing of platform. More photos 17/06/21
16/05/21 - Staff refresher day and first Steam Train Day on Sunday 23 May. Good to be back in business!
10/05/21 - Replacement approach road signs
05/04/21 - Development of new South Western Railway light maintenance depot at Yeovil Junction (January to March 2021, now extended to June?). More photos 10/05/21 and 01/07/21
04/04/21 - Special trains locally. Photos added 07/06/21 and 17/06/21

1 January 2021 to 27 March 2021 (final - we hope!) (newest at top) (More of the same last year HERE)

UPDATE - 27/03/2021

The Leveller Download March's edition HERE
Lots of Somerset news with opinion!

Suez Canal blockage - from one our correspondents:-
I've just heard on the radio that a boat is stuck diagonally across the Suez Canal and they are having trouble shifting it.

Methinks they have missed a trick in not calling for the experts - after all we do have some experience (and I am not working today)....

Ok..Ok - I realise that we might need a bigger rope this time but...

and yes, I was there as well but deny all responsibility!

A bigger digger might be handy?

The culprit?

Blurred vision?

Bob sends in this interesting report

Making a change from property surveys in 2008/9. I was instructed to survey the Clevedon Miniature Railway facilities at the Salthouse Fields by the seafront, track, engine shed etc.

The railway is still open and their Facebook page is HERE

A You Tube video can be found HERE

A brief history can be found HERE

In the years prior to the Beeching Report and cuts to railway services, lines and stations, British Railways conducted a Modernisation programme. Here are the reports from 1959 and 1961 very interesting to see what was being planned prior to the cuts - please click on the images.

Report on modernisation - 1959

Second report on modernisation - 1961

The line from Exeter to Okehampton
is to reopen to daily services during 2021. This is the website devoted to the history, present and future of this L&SWR line. Well worth a read.

More photos of the work going on can be found by Clicking here

Silent film of the last coal train to work the Senghenydd branch in South Wales.
Watch the gravity shunting of the brakevan and the coupling on the move at the end! Amazing! Click on the photo.

Yorkshire Haka

Clearing snowdrifts

16 February 2021 - Scotland - Click Here

17 January 1987 - Kent - Click Here

1955 - North of England (Bleath Gill)- Click Here

Bob sends in a reoport of an unexpected aircraft

In May 2008 I had to carry out an inspection of building works at Winford Primary School near Lulsgate Airport.

As I turned down West Lane I noticed a Aircraft in a field at the entrance to Park Farm.
So I stopped to takes some phots of this bizarre site in North Somerset.

The aircraft type being a RAF Jet Provost Trainer from the 1960s no XN551. It has since been moved further down the track to the Farmhouse.


Friends of Honiton Station's March newsletter has been published:- Click on the photo and follow click on 'The current issue'.

Talking of Community Rail, each Blackmore Vale CRP station (Tisbury to Crewkerne) is having one of these noticeboards:-

In 2020 we highlighted some of the steam trains clambering up the bank from Exeter St Davids to Exeter Central (and one that failed). Here are a few more including a diesel version including a rare freight with three Class 37s! Click on the photos.

23 minutes of 1960's railways in the West Country Click on the photo.

Dog loves football

35028 'Clan Line' through Clapham Junction with the Bournemouth Belle Click on the photo. Thanks to Brian's Canadian brother for this!

A couple of You Tube videos of steam at Par Docks. (That IS a low bridge!) Please click on the photos.

Bob sends in some information regarding a visit to Burrington Combe and its link to a well-known hymn

On a Oct day in 2008 I was instructed to carry out inspection of some Building Works at the Burrington Primary School.

Once this was over I decided to drive the short way up Burrington Combe to the monument named "The Rock of Ages" which I first saw a a school boy in the early 60s on a school trip.

Burrington Combe is a Limestone Gorge near the village of Burrington on the North side of the Mendip Hills. Combe or Coombe is a word of Celtic origin found in several formats all over the UK, denoting a steep sided valley or hollow. Burrington Combe is a gorge through the limestone hills.

Legend has it that Augustus Montague Toplady (1740 - 1778), who was a curate at Blagdon. Was inspired to write the Hymn "Rock of Ages" in the Combe whilst sheltering under the rock during a thunder storm. The rock was subsequently named after the hymn (51.3254°N 2.7532°W)

The hymn was first published in The Gospel Magazine in 1775. Its writing at this location can neither be proved or disproved like most legends.

Click on the photo for a short video on the S and D. (Thanks John)

Tinkers Bubble Those living locally may know of this small woodland community near Norton-sub-Hamdon. Their website is HERE

They have a problem with their portable steam engine which is used in the production of sawn timber. Requires a new firebox which is beyond their financial means. Have a read HERE . The link show shows their operation and the portable steam engine in operation. CLICK HERE

Toyota's Banned Australian advert

Huntley Archives - previews (these have watermarks) of some of the films that can be purchased.

a) Locomotive being moved by muscle power through a City's streets - CLICK HERE

b) Princetown to Yelverton railway -1950's - CLICK HERE

c) Phantom ride from front of railway train in Devon 1890's - this is through Dawlish and shows part of the route still as single track! CLICK HERE

d) Amateur film of 1930's showing the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway - CLICK HERE

e) Amateur film of 1960's taken around Tavistock North Station - CLICK HERE

Closure of Heart of Wessex line (from Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February 2021

First person to swim the Bristol Channel

Thanks Bob for this information.

One day in May 2010 I was instructed to survey a building. The "RNLI" Shop at "Anchor Point" Birnbeck, Weston super Mare.

After I completed the survey I wandered a few steps along the seafront wall to this little cove and came across a stone plaque in the sea wall.

It stated that a young 21yr old woman swam across the Bristol channel from Penarth in Wales and landed at this beach by Birnbeck Pier in 1927 taking 7hrs 20mts.

What a brave feat that was,against all the treacherous waters of the Bristol Channel which has the second highest tide rise in the the world of over 50ft and a flow of up to 6knots. I know for a fact that over the years several people have drowned while making a failed attempt just trying to swim from this point to Birnbeck Pier.

More detail HERE

Tom Jones reworked!

An American film looking at England in 1950 - including railways and other transport and a past age! (Click on the image).

4 January 2021 - last day of the 1938 Tube train on the Isle of Wight. Please click on the photo.

Line closed until for a new passing loop and platform alterations to allow a regular half hourly service using the converted by Vivrail (from Tube stock) Class 484 units.
Arrival of first carriage CLICK HERE

Somerset's free newspaper 'The Leveller' has put its January edition online:-

Vintage Australian railway film - Ghan to Alice - 1978 Click Here

Abbey Hill Steam Rally has been cancelled for 2021 due to Covid-19

Vintage railway film - The diesel train driver, part 1 - An introduction to the diesel train - 1959

Vintage railway film - The diesel train driver, part 2 - Driving the train - 1959


Vintage railway film - The diesel train driver, part 3 - Dealing with faults - 1959

Vintage railway film - The diesel train driver, part 4 - Operational requirements - 1959

New narrow gauge proposal to re-open from Maiden Newton to Bridport and West Bay

Please click on the image to see more details.

Brian Jackson, the highly knowledgable local transport expert (trains, buses and ships) recently passed away. He was a good friend of many Railway Societies and he entertained our members on several occasions with talks at our Annual General Meetings. He will be fondly remembered.

Here Brian is talking about 'Weymouth in Steam Days'. Please click on the image.

23 September 2017 - Atlantic Coast Express near Templecombe - click on the image.

A loving cow... Click on the image for Facebook link.

Severn Valley Branch Lines - January 2021

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